Duality2 Right
Duality2 Detail
Duality2 Detail 2

Duality Pt. 2 [Right]

Date: March 2014

Media: Ink

Size : 14" x 17"

Categories : Ink Drawing

This piece is the left side of a diptych [Barn Owl]. The two facing pieces were created to show the views of the California Newuks, who believed that after death the brave and virtuous became Great Horned Owls - while the wicked were doomed to become Barn Owls.

To illustrate each of these views, I chose to use natural symbolism.

Foxglove, found near both owls, is a symbol of duality.

Edelweiss, The flower shown with the Great Horned Owl (right piece), is a symbol of daring, courage and noble purity.

Laburnum, The flower shown with the Barn Owl (left piece), is toxic and a symbol of the forsaken.

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