Duality Detail
Duality Detail 2

Duality Pt. 1

Date: December 2013

Media: Ink & Digital Color

Size : 16" x 20"

Categories : Illustration

Prints Available : Yes

This piece was created to show how the same creature, in this case a Barn Owl, is viewed differently by different cultures. Here I chose to show the views of the Dakota Hidatsa and Hopi Native American perspectives.

The Dakota Hidatsa people viewed the Burrowing Owl as a protective spirit for their warriors. While the Hopi people viewed the Burrowing Owl as the god of the Dead, and symbol of death.

To illustrate each of these views, I chose to use natural symbolism.

Nasturtium, The flower held by the top owl, and found to his right, is a symbol of protection.

Nightshade, Held by the bottom owl, is a symbol of death.

Antlers/Bone, Chosen to convey the predatory nature, and enforce the ‘god of the Dead’ view.

Foxglove, found near both owls, is a symbol of duality.

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