Traditional Tools:

  • Ink
  • Oil
  • Pencil

Digital Tools:

  • Drawing Tablet
  • Adobe CC Suite

Project-specific tools can be found on their respective pages.

I am a Saint Louis-based Artist and Designer, trained in both traditional art and digital design. Details are a main focus in my art - with linework usually being a major focus for both traditional and digital projects. I also have a great interest in folklore and mythology, and I try to bring aspects of that into my works whenever possible.

The main subjects for my art tend to be related to nature, or video games and that community. My current focus is working on a series of posters, ranging from game-specific subjects, to pop-culture. Stay tuned to see more!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What pens do you use for your drawings?

A: I currently use Staedtler Fineliners.

Q: For digital art, what type of drawing tablet do you use?

A: I often use a small Wacom Intous Pen for its portability. I also occasionally use the Wacom Intous Pro series.

Q: For digital art, what drawing program do you use?

A: Adobe Photoshop for almost everything, and Adobe Illustrator on occassion.